Mission Statement

If you have the dedication and commitment for the game of hockey and want to take your game to the next level, we can help you. Doug Bosse, the owner and founder of DB Hockey Academy, will work with you on the areas of your game that need improvement, as well as, strengthen the assets you currently have in your game.

To play at a high level you need to be highly skilled but also know the game. DB Hockey Academy believes that if you don’t have the skill you can’t do the drill. Educating players on proper technique, position and habits will translate into game situations at all levels.

As a DBHA student, we develop a game plan that will challenge and educate your player to compete at the next level. This will give each player the opportunity to continue growth in their game.

The DBHA program will continue to evolve with the development of hockey by challenging our players. You’ll be the beneficiary of the latest skills, techniques, and habits that allow your player to compete at the next level.

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